Media Releases

16 June 2017

Get off the Grass

The latest growth figures from Statistics New Zealand and the latest OECD report review of our economy, published yesterday, show that while our economy keeps...

25 May 2017

Budget 2017: Some positive moves, but little in it for...

Budget 2017 announced today contains some positive measures in the areas of income support and infrastructure, but largely misses the mark in providing real...

11 May 2017

Debt to Income Caps Recommended

Debt to Income caps (DTI) have been highlighted in a recent IMF report as an important measure to build resilience in our banks and housing market to protect...

21 March 2017

OECD and Productivity Commission Reports: Here's the...

The need to create an effective education system that can provide much needed skills to facilitate growth and innovation in high-value activities, such as...

8 February 2017

Exchange Rate Needs Attention

The exchange rate hit a two year high on the Trade Weighted Index (TWI) last week.

3 February 2017

Ending on a High Note

In the 3 months to December, export sales decreased an average of 1.4%, and domestic sales increased 11.7% on average.

13 December 2016

Sistema Sale

Today we have learnt of the sale of Sistema Plastics to US multinational Newell Brands, in addition to the recent sale of Compac Sorting Equipment

7 December 2016

Domestic Sales Improve While Exports Continue Downward

In the three months to October, export sales decreased an average of 7.0%, and domestic sales increased 13.9% on average.

2 December 2016

We Need a Freight Solution

Manufacturers continue to face additional freight costs, as well as delays and disruptions to supply chains, with the road and rail closures following the...

15 November 2016

Upper South Island Earthquake Response

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake that hit the upper South Island and Wellington region today

9 November 2016

General Cable Proposed Closure

It is very unfortunate to hear of the proposed closure of manufacturer General Cable in Christchurch, with the loss of up to 170 quality jobs